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MadnessPC does E3 2001 in Los Angeles

Written by: Merc

This year was the first year MadnessPC attended E3 and it won’t be the last. Quantum and myself attended E3 and we both came double equipped with our digital camera to bring you lots of pics. First let me give you a little more info about the show.

Over 62,000 retailers, developers, investors, distributors and media representatives from across the U.S. and other countries come together for a three day interactive entertainment extravaganza that is not to be missed. The shows owners, Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) is a U.S association that has members such as:

Eidos Interactive
LucasArts Entertainment
Microsoft Corporation
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Nintendo of America

Only to mention a few these members they make up 90% of this 6 billion industry.

Lets get on to the pictures:

056.jpg (46981 bytes)    DCP_0134.jpg (120363 bytes)    DCP_0207.jpg (119889 bytes)

Few pictures of the Logitech booth, the new Survivor Game and the last pictures is the GodGames area.....where everything happens

DCP_0140.jpg (110345 bytes)    DCP_0141.jpg (61763 bytes)    DCP_0151.jpg (87242 bytes)

Here's Quantum trying to golf... the "Gameboy Color" and the Lego booth.


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