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Part Two

(Everything you need to know about a hard drive)

By: Quantum

Date: March 04,2001



In Hard Drive 101, Part One - I looked into the hard drive then I destroyed it. In Part Two, I will show you what to look for when purchasing a new hard drive, and give you some idea of what’s out there before you go out and look on your own. After I explain the basics, I will go through the installation process step by step.


Purchasing A New Hard Drive

When deciding on a new hard drive there are a few steps you should follow. The first and foremost thing to do is research which kind of hard drive you want to buy. There are so many types and sizes out there – the most popular range from 9 gigs to 60 gigs. Once you have done this, you must also decide on which speed you want. They range from the following:


7200RPM ATA/100

-        7200RPM ATA/100 has a rotation speed of 7200RPM and a transfer rate of data of 100mbs. This is a lot better than the 5400RPM Ultra ATA/66 (below) because the ATA/66 only allows the drive to transfer data up to 66mbs (where the ATA/100 allows 100mbs) and the rotation speed is 1800RPM slower than the 72000PRM. Over all the 7200RPM hard drives are about 33% faster than the 5400RPM hard drives.

7200RPM Ultra ATA/66

-        7200RPM Ultra ATA/66 has the rotation of 7200RPM and a transfer rate of data of 66mbs. This would be the same rate of transfer as the 5400RPM Ultra ATA/66 except for the rotation speed is 1800RPM faster.


5400RPM Ultra ATA/66/5400RPM ATA/100

-        5400RPM Ultra ATA/66 has a rotation speed of 5400RPM and a transfer rate of data of 66mbs. Also there is a transfer data rate of 100mbs but it is still a rotation speed of 5400RPM.


5400RPM Ultra ATA/33

-        5400RPM Ultra ATA/33 the rotation speed is 5400RPM and the transfer rate of data of 33mbs. What this did was opened new doors for the higher performing ATA/66 and the ATA/100


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