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Maxtor DiamondMAX 60 PLUS Review


Written by: Merc

Written on: April 10,2001

Supplied by: Maxtor




Maxtor has come along way since 1982 with their hard drives, making them today on the top of my list. Maxtor had managed to put together in the one package, performance, price and quality giving them a head start amongst many hard drive manufactures. Itís a never-ending fight for more hard drive space. I remember not to many years ago when I bought the first generation Pentium, I ordered it with a 1.6GB hard driveÖ. Today your lucky if that holds your Operating System and a few basic programs. If you were buying a hard drive today I would recommend a 30GIG minimum. I canít get enough hard drive space myself and just hate it when a drive is getting close to being full, I then find myself hunting for a hard drive which I did recently and acquired the Maxtor DiamondMAX 60 PLUS.

Whatís in the Box?



All cables and mounting hardware, installation guide, 3.5-Inch EIDE 60GIG Hard drive and the kick ass MaxBlast Plus installation software. All this is included with the Maxtor DiamondMAX 60 PLUS. 

The MaxBlast Plus installation software is greatÖit makes installing and partitioning your new drive a piece of cake.


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