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ViewSonic PF790 PerfectFlat

Written On: January 30, 2001

Written By: Merc

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It was only 9 months ago that I bought a ViewSonic E790. Last week I traded in my ViewSonic E790 for the ViewSonic PF790, so far so good.

What actually made me pull the trigger so fast was I sat in front of one of ViewSonics PerfectFlat screen last week for the day and after that my mind was made up, the traditional monitor screen was retiring and I was going FLAT.

When I arrived at A-Power to pick the monitor up I was glad we decided to take my friends TJ Jeep. We have to fold up the backseat to the Jeep and the Monitor box was touching the rear door, not a lot of room left. This will give you an idea on the size of the Monitor and the space needed to transport it.

A bonus that comes with the monitor is the $50.00US mail in rebate from ViewSonic. Apparently the only way to get the rebate is if you go to ViewSonics webpage at

Setting up the Monitor was simple, Plug in Power, Plug monitor into your Video card and install drivers. The monitor comes with an OnView On Screen Options Menu that makes changing any setting with your monitor fast and simple.


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