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Written: Feb 28,2001
Written by: Merc®
Price: $13.00US
Manufactured by: Ratpadz


Ratpadz Review


After the review of my ICEMAT mousepad last week in which I mentioned the Ratpadz I have had a lot of request from people asking about the Ratpadz. I decided the best thing to do would be to actually do a review on the Ratpadz. Here you have it…..




One thing that a lot of people don’t consider when purchasing a mousepad is the significance a mousepad makes to your system. I came to the realization years ago that the mousepad (as well as the mouse itself) is very important to your computer system and must not be overlooked. The sad thing is the majority of computer resellers give a mousepad away free when you purchase a computer so you end up getting some cheap ass mousepad with the companies logo plastered over it which collects more lint and dust than your buddies dog “Skippy”.

When you consider a few things regarding a mousing surface such as the amount of time you actually use the mousepad? The odds are it’s a lot more so than some people use their soundcards –but- you will spend $120.00 on a good soundcard. Make any sense? No, exactly.

I want to tell you about the mousepad I have been using for over a year now and is by far the best that has been placed on my desk. It’s a mousepad called the Ratpadz. Why is it the best? Read on to find out why…..



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