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Samsung Syncmaster 753DF


Written by: Enginjon

Written on: April 08, 2001






If you are in the market for a Flat Screen 17 monitor, I would like to introduce you to the Samsung Syncmaster 753DF.  This model comes from the Samsung Dynaflat product line designed for home and small office users.  With an incredibly clear and crisp image, and a great price to match, this may be the monitor for you. 

I have been in search of a quality 17 monitor, but needed to be able to fit it into a tight budget.  The best way I found to find a monitor that I liked was to shop around.  I went to many local computer stores and looked at all the monitors they had for sale.  I looked for picture quality, desktop space needed, features, warranty, and price.  The monitor I choose is the Samsung Syncmaster 753DF, which I deemed to be the best monitor around to fit my needs.  The Dynaflat picture tube is an extremely high quality tube that is completely flat and produces vivid, vibrant colors.  I was very impressed by the picture quality, the warranty, and the low price.   


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