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Taisol CGK Cooler with Delta 30 CFM Fan Review



Written: 2/18/2001
Written by: Merc®



First I would first like to apologize for not getting this review in last Monday. Last week was a terribly busy week for me. I was trying to find a new MadnessPC touring vehicle which took up most my week, Not to mention the 60 hours I worked at my job. I will get you some pictures of the new MadnessPC touring vehicle within a few days. In case you are wondering it is a Yukon SLT, full load, Just got to get the TV’s and playstation in there now…:) 

Getting to the Taisol CGK Cooler Review….

With the hunger for better cooling I went searching to retire the Chrome Orb that I was previously using and get something a little more beefy. After a little research I decided to give the Taisol CGK Cooler with the 30 CFM Delta fan a try. I seen pictures of this cooler on the web and seen its size but when I actually seen the thing with my own eyes and held it in my hands I was a little worried that It wouldn’t even fit on my Abit KT7-RAID Motherboard. You should double check before buying a Taisol CGK Cooler to make sure it will fit on your board. It is not guaranteed to fit on all boards. The heatsinks measurements are 60x80mm so measure before buying to save yourself some hassle.  


The Taisol CGK is available in four different models as listed below:

CGK 742092 with 21 CFM Delta fan: $24.99
CGK Standard with 27 CFM YS Tech fan: $29.99
CGK High with 30 CFM Delta fan: $31.98
CGK Ultra with 37 CFM Delta fan: $33.48  (Prices were taken from

As I mentioned above we choose the Taisol CGK Cooler with the 30 CFM Delta fan.


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