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Creating a Masterpiece

By: Cruella

Written on: March 01,2001



Do you ever ask yourself what guys who live on their computers do when they’re not on the computer? So do I…but I do know what one does for sure. Quantum is constantly thinking of new things to do with his computer case- that is, when he’s not reformatting his hard drive or torturing himself over his latest review. The only thing I can think of to compare this obsession to is a man and his car. I’m sure we’ve all seen those guys driving those cars with the custom paint job and other details. Well, this is just what I’m talking about.




Original Case 


It all started when Merc posted some nifty links of other people’s creative reconstructed computer cases on his website This is when Quantum decided he wanted to make a few changes to his own case. The first change he made was when he sprayed each piece copper. He soon found out that there was a little more work involved than just throwing a can of paint on a computer. What ended up happening is the paint chipped and scratched every time he threw it out the window! Boy, would that have been a pain to touch up every second day. Alright, the easy way didn’t work out, so he asked me to come up with an idea. Apparently I’m some sort of super talented type person who creates masterpieces…something I didn’t know until Quantum told me so.


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