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There should be a diagram on the hard drive or in the instruction booklet on how to place the jumpers correctly (Some hard drives do not require jumpers). Some drives will actually have it labeled right by the posts where the jumpers belong. Once that is all done you are ready for the next step. 


1. Before you actually start the installation please make sure the computer is shut off. My way of taking care of this is to unplug the power cord from the back of my computer. For other people, some state that you should have the cord plugged in because the cord acts like a ground, so itís your preference.


2. To open your case up, the screws are located at the rear of your computer (for some cases it could be located in other areas such as front, sides, etc.).


3. Each computer is different; they have their own area for the hard drive (some are on top of the computer but the others might be under the CD Rom or on the side wall), the picture below shows where some possible locations of where the hard drive goes. (See picture below)



4. Insert the drive with the rear of the drive facing the rear of the computer so you can get at the slots easily. When you run the computer and your hard drive starts spinning there may be some vibration, so mount the hard drive securely with the mounting screws. (Note: do not tighten too much, you might strip the screws, just make it snug).


5. You will have an IDE cable supplied with your motherboard. One fact is that each IDE port coming from the motherboard can have one master and one slave (Please note: one device must be a master and the other device must be a slave on the same IDE cable, you cannot have two masters or two slaves on the same IDE). Plug in the IDE cable into the back of the hard drive, make sure you have it right, there is only one way for it to go in. There is a red strip down the side of the cable that is indicating pin 1 (it will be the one right beside the jumpers or power supply).  Do not force it because you might wreck something, it should just go in smoothly. (See picture below)


6. The last cable will be your power cable; it will be coming from your power supply. In case you are wondering what the different colors wires are for:

- Red wire: 5-volt wire

- Yellow wire: 12-volt wire

- Black wires: There are two ground wires



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