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AOpen HQ-08 Review


Taking a look inside


First I wanted to strip the case down and take it apart. There are 2 screws holding the top in place and 3 screws on each side panel. I personally like the fact that the top comes off separate. You might be wondering why I liked this? Well because about a year ago I wanted to get an exhaust fan installed on the top of my case as well as a handle. The problem with that was I had a case that only the sides removed so I had to take everything out of my case before any drilling could begin on the top. The chances of some metal falling on your board and damaging something are too risky. With the HQ-08 you can just take the top off start drilling. The flipside to this is that you have to take the top off to get the sides off so I kind balances out.


 hq_08_topoff.jpg (12296 bytes) Top off   hq_08_sideslide.jpg (18469 bytes) Side Rails

Click on pictures for larger view

While taking the sides off I noticed that you have to slide the sides all the way to remove them as shown in the picture above. This is a MAJOR problem if you’re not a handyman and want to put the pedal to the metal on your CPU. Reason being is because you won't be able to put any intake or exhaust fans (blowholes) on the side of your case. If you do how would you remove the sides? Better yet how would you put them on....:). If you are not planning on over-clocking then this is not a concern. For you handy men out there that planning on over-clocking "where there is a will there is a way" of course if you want this case and want the side vents you can do a modification and cut the tabs off.


The HQ-08 does have a place for an intake on the front of the case as well as 2 spaces just above the power supply. I am sure if you put a blowhole / exhaust fan on the top of the case and coordinate the other fans correctly you would be creating ok cooling but 2 3.25" side vent fans blowing in on your CPU, video card is going to cool it down more.


Fan Grills above the Power Supply


Something that people with big clodhoppers hands like myself will appreciate about this case is the Bend-in edge, making the edges smooth. This is good for keeping your hands free of cuts and scratches. When installing your cdroms and hard drives etc make sure all your cables are long enough. Remember this case is big so the cables have to reach your board, cdroms etc.

It takes 6 screws to remove the motherboard and it slides out easy. The size of the tray as well as the size of the case makes it easy to do work within your case. The HQ-08 comes with 7 slots and 13 drive bays. This is TONS of room, more than what your typical user will require.



hq_08_bare.jpg (28607 bytes)      hq_08_feet.jpg (25817 bytes)


As you can see in the picture above the case comes with some cool looking feet.
I like these feet because they stand higher than your typical case feet. This is a bonus because it is good to have your case off the floor as much as possible to help with the dust factor. I assume you will not be putting this case on your desk.....:) The feet do not require screws to install them, they just snap in place.





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