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AOpen HQ-08 Review


Power supply


The HQ-08 comes with a 300W ATX (Ball bearing fan in US) high efficiency switching power supply with plenty of connectors for hard drives and floppies.   This is going to be useful if you start adding fans etc. You won't have to be hitting your local computer shop for some Y connectors.


Below is a photo of the power connectors.




Final Thoughts


Depending of what you require in a case the A-Open HQ-08 should be sufficient for the average user and even if you want to put some side vents in the side it can be done with a few modifications to the case. It should be big enough for the components you have now and the ones you plan on adding in the future. The structure of the case is strong and comes with a kick ass 300-watt power supply, which is great for those Athlons. You may also want to pick up a few fans to go in the case because no fans come with the case. 


My overall final thoughts on this case are that AOpen done a great job with the HQ-08 case. There are a few things that I would recommend to change like the side panels so that the overclockers don't have to do additional modifications. In the meantime if you are looking for a 24" tower case itís hard to go wrong with this case. The AOpen HQ-08 offers alot of features at a great price. Yes there are some negatives to this case but the positives features far outweighs the negatives.



- Removable motherboard tray

- TONS on room

- Excellent Athlon approved 300-watt power supply

- High expansion capacity with 7 slots and 13 drive bays

- Bend in edges on case (for safe installation)

- 1mm thick steel construction

- Floppy drive on top

- Comes in 4 different front panel colors

- Great value



- Side Panels have to slide all the way back to be removed

- No fans comes with case



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