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IDE Cable Rounding Guide


Written by: enginjon

Written on: April 06, 2001


With the amount of heat that today's processors are putting out, power users especially are looking for any way to reduce their case temps and CPU temps.  The first reaction is usually to buy a new heatsink, or a big cooling fan.  Then we go out and buy case fans and install them all over our cases sucking in cool air, and exhausting the warm air.  What are often passed over are the obstructions inside our cases that restrict airflow.  One of the biggest culprits of this are IDE cables.  Those wide gray cables that are strewn all over the place and clutter the insides of our cases are not only ugly looking and hard to move, but also restrict airflow and increase case temps by trapping in the warm air.  A great way to alleviate this problem is to use rounded IDE cables.

You can purchase rounded cables from many retailers, but the cost is usually twice that of a standard ATA 66/100 cable.  They come wrapped in a nice plastic shielding that makes them smaller, and easier to move around.  Why pay twice the money though when you can buy a standard cable and round it yourself?  The answer is…. DON'T!!  In the following guide, I will show you not one, but two different ways to round your own IDE cables so you can clear up space in your case, make your cables easier to bend and twist, and of course to improve the flow of air through your case.

What you need: 

To do this quick and easy procedure, all you need is:


Electrical Tape

Optional:  Zip Ties

Optional:  Razor blade / Utility Knife / Exact-o knife



Page 2 - The Reversible Procedure








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