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Etherfast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch


Written: April 20,2001

Written By: Quantum




Linksys is one of the leading companies for network devices. The Etherfast-10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch is one of their network devices that they have come out with. It makes connectivity of multiple computers in your home or business a whole lot easier. Unlike other hardware that limits your bandwidth and may slow with the high transfers, the switch boosts each of your computers to a full equal transfer mode on top of your dedicated bandwidth. Linksys makes it one step better that your regular 10 base hub. Can it actually measure up with our demands for great speed amongst multiple computers? Lets see and find out…

What you get in the box...

linksys_switch6.jpg (27735 bytes)


Once you open up the box you will notice

One 10/100 workgroup switch that fits in the palm of your hand
One power adapter fits right in your wall 
One user guide and registration card (English version)

Turbo Linux server 6.0 Lite CD




Ready to connect to Cable/DSL modem or Router

Each port is 10/100 dual-speed auto-sensing

NWAY technology detects cabling type, speed, and duplex operation for best performance

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Reach speeds of up to 200Mbps in full duplex operation

Uplink port for connecting to other hubs and switches

Connect workstations directly to the switch for best possible bandwidth and access times

Eliminates bandwidth constraints and clear up bottlenecks

Perfect for optimizing 10BaseT and 100BaseTX hardware on the same network

Easy to use – just turn it on and go

Small footprint for desktop use

Advanced store-and-forward packet switching

Automatic address learning and address aging

Auto-Partitioning protects PCs from downed network lines

Free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for north America only

5-year limited warranty


Installation of Switch


Remove the EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch from its packaging.

On the rear panel of your switch there will be five ports (RJ-45 ports), plus one uplink port. Each of these ports will detect the speed of your network card. These ports will operate at speeds of 10mbps to 200mbps.

Connect your computers directly to the switch, by plugging one end of your Ethernet cable into one of the ports in back of the switch and the other end into your computer’s network adapter. You can do this for up to five computers on this switch.

Connecting your modem up to your switch all you do is insert a Ethernet cable from your uplink port on the back of the switch to the back of your modem.

Power up your switch, by plugging in the AC power adapter. Each time the switch powers up, it will run a Diagnostic/Self-Test. Right after the test the Power LED will light up. The remaining LEDs will light up according to which port you hooked your computers up to. Also the lights will light up to how your data is being transferred


Systems tested on

System 1

AMD Athlon 600mhz

KA7-100 Abit motherboard

128 MB PC-133 Ram (generic)

A Open 12x DVD Rom

HP 8100 CD writer

Diamond Viper V770 Video Card

SoundBlaster Live

Maxtor 13 gig Hard Drive

1.44 floppy drive

Microsoft Intelli mouse

Creative FPS 1000 speakers

System 2

Acer Extensa 503T Laptop

Pentium II 350mhz

90 MB PC-133 Ram 

Labtec Pulse 424 speakers


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